Saturday, September 10, 2011

Into the Warp Zone...

Welcome to my blog.
First off, let me clear up a few mis-conceptions before they begin. 

1. This blog has nothing to do with killing pigeons, it's only a clever name slightly based off my Rock Band band's name (Looking at Pigeons) and something my friend Travis came up with. The only killing of pigeons I do condone is when you are shooting them in GTA 4.

2. All things mentioned on said blog are usually of my own opinion, you don't like what I write about, tough cookies...oh yeah, I need some cookies now.

Moving on...I fully intend to keep this as interesting as possible, not everything in my life is all that interesting at times, so if I bore you to tears, well, I apologize. With that said... Let's let the magic flute whisk us away onto the magic school bus that is, my blog. ^_^

Circa 2006. I'll do something more up to date later.