Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Together We Break These Gears of War

So in about 1 week's time, Gears of War 3 is going to be released for the Xbox 360. The Gears series is
one that holds a special place inside of me (and not because I can make fun of the song Chains of Love by Erasure)  because as each one came out, my life had changed for the better. The first game, and quite honestly, the only reason I think I have a 360, was introduced to me at a friend's house in 2006. It was my first visit to his new apartment, it wasn't very big, but most 1 bedroom places aren't, the key thing that caught my eye was the huge 60 inch tv he had in his living room and a game called Gears of War.

I remember seeing commercials for this game and thinking it looked cool, but we had a Nintendo Wii so I was kinda stuck. An hour later and I had been convinced, I needed to buy a xbox and get this game. About a week later on payday, I went to our local Circuit City (Remember those?) and bought a console, that game, and Beatiful Katamari (my girlfriend wanted it and I technically bought the console for both of us). The game didn't look anywhere near as good as it did at my friend's house on my worn down 25 inch CRT screen, the color on it was going, but I didn't care, I was Marcus Fenix, I was 86ing locusts left and right, I had engulfed myself into the culture of the game. November 2008 rolls around, we had moved a few months earlier into a new town, a new apartment, I bought a 50 inch flat screen tv around this time, and was ready for GOW2.

It literally was one of the few times I've actually pre-ordered a game for myself (I pre-ordered Animal Crossing for my girlfriend among a few others), I woke up extra early so I could get to Target when it opened, picked up my limited edition copy of the game and got home and popped it in. My friend at the time was really into playing online so I didn't really get into the story quite as much this go round, we were trying to do Co-Op storymode and because of achievements, he'd know if I'd skipped ahead without him and vice-versa. Couple this with our jobs making us work opposite schedules of each other and it became more of a hassle more than anything else. I still had a lot of fun with it, but with work and Christmas, it kinda got put on the backburner while I dealt with other stuff. Eventually we beat the game, and by that time, he'd had enough, he had finished all the achievements for the game by this time, and really had no interest in playing anymore, I did another solo runthrough of campaign on my own and had moved onto a new game (I think I started playing Condemned around this time?)

My girlfriend cross stitched the Crimson Omen for me, if that's not love I don't know what is

 Now we come our present time, like before we have moved since then, I currently own a house
now, I really don't play a whole lot of video games like I used to, I've kind of lost interest in it. I
recently started playing Borderlands out of neccessity, I needed something to help me unwind after work
that didn't involve our house other than being in it. So will I pick up Gears 3? Chances are very high,
will it be launch day, more than likely not. I'll be waiting for a while, might finish up some of the
games I never beat (Borderlands, Castlevania, the Darkness, list goes on...)  In the mean time, I'll
always have the first 2 and the fond memories they both bring.

-Cheap Plug Time!

Go check out the following people's blogs/sites, they are all awesome and if you enjoy reading my randomness, you'll surely like these folk, and if you don't like me, well, check them out anyhow

Dragons Are Delicious - My friend Travis writes this, for that reason alone, you should go check it out, not even for the fact he writes about debatable topics, just  the fact it's well written.

Kingdom Of Foom - Awesome forum,webcasts, and just a great community in general. casts are Tue-Wed @ 4PM CST and Fri and Sat @ 8PM CST. (Link is on the main page) Watch them, you'll enjoy them or your money back!* (money back guarantee is not guaranteed)

The Midnight Snack - Charles Cress who writes Alphabet Soup for PWTorch writes this, this guy is what I apsire to be, a writer for a pro wrestling website/ comedic genius! I love the "My Brother Drew This" blogs. Good times. He can also be found on Twitter @CharlesCress, follow him or Cody Rhodes won't get tv time then it'll be #rhodesorriot

JonnyDWeekly - My friend Jon from high school writes about his films and other randomness, the tree story is one I can relate to.

Rose and the City - My friend Rose from work writes about all kinds of stuff, more recently, couponing, I don't get it but she's interesting, and that's gotta count for something.

If I forgot anyone, let me know and I'll mention you next time!

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