Friday, January 27, 2012

National Chocolate Cake Day

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day! Wait, you didn't know that it was a holiday? Well, to be honest, neither did I, until about 15 minutes ago. I figured since it's a trending topic on twitter at the moment, and since I'm waiting for a load of laundry to finish, I'd tell you, my reader(s), of the story of the chocolate inferno cake, or as my friend and at the time room mate called it, the diabetes cake.

Imagine this piece of cake, but 5 times  bigger, yeah, this thing was a  BEAST!

It was actually around this time last year that we encountered the beastly cake. I had recently just gone over to my parents house after work as I do every Sunday, mainly out of habit, and because they feed me. My dad had brought home cake samples from his work, one of which, was the chocolate inferno cake. This thing was huge, I mean, think of your average size cake, and stick 5 cakes on top of that, all chocolate. I took one look at that thing and knew there would be some sort of repercussions for even trying to eat something like that, but figured, it's food. So the cake and I made the long trek (all 6 blocks!)  back to my house where my roommate and I decided to test our mettle versus the chocolate giant. Just looking at this thing would cause any weaker man to tremble in fear, we were ready, with plates and forks in hand, we cut into the monster, we joked around that just by looking at this cake we'd lose a foot to diabetes, then the first bite came. I've never tasted anything so sweet, it was like eating a pound of sugar mixed in chocolate mixed in a bag of cocoa mixed with salt. I thought I was going to go into a coma, my friend didn't do much better, the cake was kicking our asses into the first bite. I got about halfway through my one piece and gave up. The cake had defeated me. I drank nearly a half gallon of milk just to get the piece I had down.  Travis made it through half the cake throughout the week, he was determined to defeat the monstrous pastry, but alas, neither of us could muster the will to finish the entire thing, the cake...had won.The day that thing went into the trash was a sad day, I'm pretty sure I heard "Taps" play off in the distance... The fact either of us survived that ordeal is amazing, especially the after effect of that thing, my poor bathroom has never been the same. So it is with a heavy heart that we remember the diabetes cake, as it serves as a reminder, too much of a good thing is never a good thing, and don't feed your roommates chocolate cake after midnight.

Semper Fudge.

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