Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My "Darkest" Video game secrets: (an idea stolen from Dragons are Delicious)

So my good pal Travis over at "Dragons Are Delicious" wrote an article about his video game secrets, I figured since I haven't written anything in a while, I'd do mine as well. So here we go, some things you didn't know about me, in regards to video games...

-I never finished Super Mario Bros 2, Keith Courage in Alpha Zone, or about 85% of the other "retro" titles we owned as kids, I did however beat Kung-Fu on the NES, multiple times.

- I once stayed up 24 hours playing Daytona USA, I did over 300 laps, as the horse. (it was a cheat code on the Saturn)

-The only sega consoles I didn't own as a child were the 32X and the Game Gear, and to this day I still don't.

-I've never fully played through FF7, I got bored 10 minutes into it.

- I didn't beat Secret of Mana until I was in my 20s, and had to do it on an emulator at that ( the cart was valued over 80 bucks by the time I got a SNES)

-I've never played the Silent Hill series, I'm planning on rectifying this now that the HD collection is out, and finishing the Jak and Daxter games ( I did beat 1).

That's about all I've got, until I think of something else to write about...

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