Friday, September 21, 2012

Job hunting

So I recently left a job I hated, no, more like loathed, (I had a stomach ulcer and rather than getting to go to the hospital, was told to "tough it out." it took a call to my then district manager before I was allowed to go to the hospital, which was a good thing because I could've died!)  to try something in a different field. Well, 2 weeks later and I got let go from said job (F.G. was a crappy company to work for anyhow...) and am currently working at a retail location which shall remain nameless, but due to things outside of the companies control I'm only scheduled 1 day a week at this new job. So I did what any other person in my predicament would do. I've been applying to every company within a 20 mile radius of my house. Not sure if any of my readers have tried looking for work lately, but seriously WTF is with the assessment questions nowadays? I tried applying at a local restaurant, I guarentee you this place doesn't pay more than minimum wage, and they want me to write an essay as to why I want to work there. Really? You want to know why I want to work here, well, I need money so I don't lose my house, can buy food so I can eat, and not have to go on welfare? Is that a good enough reason? It gets better though, they want to know what I loved and hated about my previous jobs. I loved the fact they gave me money, I hated the fact they gave me little amounts of money for the amount of time I've spent at said jobs, or you know, the whole working for a place for almost 10 years and making less than a new hire. (Again, F you F***x!)

The part of this I find the most frustrating is that the U.S. is in this recession, people can't find work, people are filing for unemployment, my guess for the high rates of unemployment is due to the fact applying for a job takes 3 hours to do, if you can't use a computer or have internet access you don't get to work, no more filling out a 2 page application with black pen, no, you apply online, you write an essay on why you think that this company is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that you'd give up both of your testicles just to be a fucking cashier here, only to get a form letter. "Sorry you did not meet our requirements to work here, you obviously are way too intelligent and have a soul, we only hire mindless robots who don't question authority."

I guess I'll go back to being the tour guide on the jungle cruise ride...
This ends my rant, feel free to leave me comments below, it'll break up the repetitiveness of filling out my contact information and job history that they just had me upload in my resume...


  1. Amen. Employers are getting way too demanding. I bet it won't be long before you have to install their Facebook app that analyzes your posts.

    1. My previous employer told us anything we posted on facebook could be used to terminate us, which they actually did with one person. My personal and work life are two separate things, and I keep them as such, but I've definitely gotten a lot more careful about what I post on facebook and twitter, big brother is watching us... o_0