Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Top 5 MST3k Movies

A few weeks ago I was sitting at home and while browsing through the selection of movies on netflix, I noticed they had "Monster A- Go-Go" as a film, little did I know, watching that would bring me back to a place I hadn't been since I was around 10 years old. It brought me back to the world of MST3k...
For those of you not familiar with MST3k, or Mystery Science Theatre 3000,

The greatest group of robots ever assembled, you know, besides Johnny 5 and Robocop

it's a show about a guy named Joel (later replaced in the series by Mike) who is trapped in space on the Satellite of Love with his robot friends Cambot, Gypsy, Crow, and my personal favorite Tom Servo. The cast is forced to watch terrible movies as part of a science experiment and have no control over when the movies begin nor end.  While I have by no means seen all of the episodes I do have a few favorites that I will discuss in briefly below. ( Should also note, that while Gamera had one of my favorite songs of all time, it didn't make my list because I honestly just don't remember anything else besides the song)

Warrior of the Lost World: More like, Warrior of the Lost Plot

Number 5. "Warrior of the Lost World"
This movie was pretty difficult to sit through, it ranked in my top 5 though due to the amount of funny jokes that were laced throughout the episode, mainly them cheering on Megaweapon and celebrating the annoying bike in the movie being destroyed. The plot of the movie involves a biker in the time after the apocalypse and his really cheesy motorcycle trying to save this woman's father, I missed half the plot because the wife got home during that part and talked through a lot of it. ^_^

My favorite quote(s): "This isn't Mad Max it's Sad Max." "The only thing keeping this from being Cannonball Run is Dom Deluise."

Soultaker: Pretty decent name for a movie that took about an hour and a half of my life. 
Number 4. "Soultaker"
This movie wasn't half bad for what it was, it reeked of cheesy 80's cliches, and had one of my favorite lines ever at the beginning of the movie. Basically these whacky teenagers get into a car accident are tracked down by the "Soultaker" played by Joe Estevez. Yes, the younger brother of Martin Sheen and uncle to Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. I really don't want to go too much more into the plot details because frankly you'd just have to watch it to really get any enjoyment out of it.

My favorite quote(s): " Bet you can never get the smell of Hardee's outta that car."  "The Soooooullll-taker!"
"Don't tounge the reaper!"

Mitchell: The movie that probably ruined or made Joe Don Baker's career
Number 3. "Mitchell"
A lot of people rank this as their favorite episode ever, it is definitely an important one in the MST3K series as it sees Joel leaving the show and Mike being brought in as the new host. I really can't say which host I like better as I think they both were okay, my favorite character on the show will always be Tom Servo followed very closely by Crow. I honestly don't even remember the plot of the movie, I think it's a renegade cop flick that was the style for the timeframe that this came out in, I was too busy laughing my ass off about the film ranked #1.
Favorite Quote(s): "I've seen faster chases in funeral processions." "This makes Driving Miss Daisy look like Bullit!" "Baby oil?! NOOOOOOO!"

2."The Puma Man"
The Puma Man: AKA Greatest American Hero starring a giant aztec guy! 
The most blatant rip off of "The Greatest American Hero" ever, this one almost took number 1 for me, mainly because "Puma, Man, he flies like a moron!" "Soundtrack by my little brother's Casio." The film is about a guy who comes from a long line of "Puma Men" from space that can fly and are apparently terrible at fighting. I never knew Pumas could fly before watching this movie, but hey, you learn something new everyday right?
Favorite quote(s): "Believe it or not, this movie's still on, it should've ended 2 hours ago." "When, you want, the flavor of bacon in a dip!" "Take that members of Boston!"

Final Justice: Most confusing ending to a movie ever, but man gotta love that theme song.
1."Final Justice"
Rather than go even bothering to tell you about this film, or picking out my favorite lines (which I definitely had a few)  just watch the end credits which I've linked here. (song starts about :22 seconds in)
 Greatest thing ever. 

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  1. Nice list. Mine would also have Manos Hands of Fate .