Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rox Reviews: Infamous:Festival of Blood (PS3)

(This was a post I was originally going to throw up over at Destructoid but due to the short length I am posting it here...)

Infamous: Festival of Blood

With Halloween nearly here  the Playstation Store has decided to put a number of their horror themed genre games on sale this month, one of which was Infamous: Festival of Blood. For those who aren’t familiar with the franchise,  the main character Cole McGrath, is given super human powers that allow him to harness the power of electricity after an earthquake hits his town.  Festival of Blood stars the hero Cole, getting bit by a vampire named Bloody Mary, yes, the same Bloody Mary the drink is named after. 

Rather than give away the whole story I’ll dive right into the gameplay. Overall, the game controls quite nicely just like the other Infamous titles did, this one doesn’t use the karma system which was a main factor in the other titles, which I guess is alright since your goal is to find Mary. My one main complaint about this game is that is very short. I finished the main story in just under 4 hours, getting all the trophies unlocked took maybe another hour to an hour and a half tops.  If you are still craving more content from this game, the developers did put in a level editor and the ability to play user created levels to add some much needed replay ability to an otherwise short title.   As mentioned earlier in my review the game is currently on sale for $5.00 when it is normally $15.00. I suggest you pick it up if you have a free night or want an easy 100% completion to fill out your trophy collection.

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