Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 3...oh how I hate you.

 Week 3 Recap:
Man did this week suck. I had my first failure on Thursday (week 3 day 2) and again for week 3 day 3 which I did today (Monday). I basically skipped working out Thursday-Sunday mainly due to being sick and having to work. I really shouldn't let excuses get in the way after I made so much progress during those first 2 weeks but my body just gave out on me. Everything hurt and I felt sick to my stomach and even getting out of bed was a challenge. I literally spent anytime I wasn't at work (I don't have sick time at this new job and with money being tight as it is, I had to suck it up) sleeping. I'm making it a point to re-do week 3 during week 4 because honestly I barely made it through this week, if I try to push ahead I'm only screwing myself over more. You can't build a house on a weak foundation and I'm not going to build walls without getting the fundamentals down first.

 With that said, my results for this week: *Starting stats in parenthesis

Current Weight: 152.2(151.2 lbs)
Waist 31.5 (34 inches)
Hips 35(37 inches)
Biceps 11.65(11 inches)
Legs18.5 (18 inches)
Neck 15(14 inches)
Body Fat  16.7%(21.68%)

Thoughts on week 4:
Week 4 should be re-named week 3 part 2. I'm not happy about my lack of progress this week but I know that to do this properly I'll have to work extra hard on eating properly, getting over my shin pain and just all around being a total badass like Luigi. ^_^

My motivation going forward.

Days remaining: 78

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