Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 2 results

 Week 2 Recap:
So after my little rant on Black Friday, we are back to the MGS challenge! This week was especially challenging not only because of Thanksgiving, working at both jobs for Black Friday, but also the loss of my Uncle Kerry this week. He was a really cool guy and I'll miss him, he's the reason I started watching Red Green and despite all of the crap he gave me I knew deep down he thought I was alright. Overall though, I improved my diet by only going out to eat Friday, otherwise I've been trying to eat healthier meals at home whenever possible and it feels like it's working. Today (Sunday) I took the adult version of the presidential fitness test, I don't feel I did too bad, and by doing it I knocked out my 2 tests for my 100pushups/200 situps plan by doing 1:00 reps as quickly as possible for the test. My results are below:

Congratulations! You scored above average on 1 of the 4 elements of the adult fitness test. Your score was average or below average for your age on 3 of the 4 tests. You may wish to talk with a fitness or exercise professional about activities you can do to improve your performance on these tests. Keep up the good work! Remember to be active every day and work to maintain a healthy weight.
Your aerobic fitness is below what is recommended for good physical health for persons of your age and gender. For health purposes, it is recommended that you increase your physical activity to improve your aerobic capacity.
Fitness Component
Test Event
Your Results
Your Score
Aerobic Fitness*
1.5-Mile Run
Muscular Strength
Half Sit-Ups

Overall Score (based on percentile average)

Body Composition
Overweight, Increased Risk of Disease
Waist Circumference

 With that said, my results for this week: *Starting stats in parenthesis

Current Weight: 152.2(151.2 lbs)
Waist 31.5 (34 inches)
Hips 35(37 inches)
Biceps 11.5(11 inches)
Legs18.5 (18 inches)
Neck 15(14 inches)
Body Fat  16.7%(21.68%)

Thoughts on week 3:
I realize that I'm writing this on a Sunday night which technically could still be considered part of week 2, but I wanted to log in my results so I don't forget to do it. I only work at one job this week so I should be able to get all my workouts in and maybe do a little bit more dependent on how I'm scheduled the rest of the week. I'm hoping to improve on my running speed, I can run for about 3 minutes at 7mph now, which is a huge improvement from when I started, I've found I'm usually gassed by then though so I've been trying to keep it around 6-6.5 when setting a run speed so I can finish the program without taking shortcuts. Here's to a prosperous week 3!

Days remaining: 86

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